Stormwater detention tanks

Solutions to help you improve stormwater management

The role of stormwater detention tanks

Stormwater detention tanks play a crucial role in urban and suburban water management systems, providing a practical solution to manage and mitigate the adverse effects of stormwater runoff.

Designed to collect and temporarily hold stormwater, detention tanks can then release stormwater at a controlled rate to prevent flooding, erosion and overwhelming the available stormwater infrastructure.

Stormwater tank options

Tanks of all shapes and sizes can be modified to detain stormwater. From slimline tanks alongside a building, to high capacity round tanks, Puraflo can provide stormwater solutions that suit the runoff volume to manage and the available space for the tank or tanks.

Detention tanks also come in two primary options, dedicated and combined use tanks.

Option 1: Dedicated stormwater detention tanks

Dedicated stormwater detention tanks are fully utilised for the purpose of detaining water.

They function by gathering rainwater from the building’s roof area and storing it. Instead of allowing the water to flow directly into stormwater drains, these tanks are designed to gradually release the collected rainwater over a predetermined duration. This method significantly reduces the risk of the drainage system being overwhelmed by high volumes of water during heavy rainfall events.

Option 2: Combined use storage and detention tanks

A dual-purpose tank combines water storage and stormwater detention functionalities. The lower section of the tank is designated for everyday use, such as irrigating gardens or flushing toilets, while the upper portion is reserved for stormwater detention.

In residential settings, this innovative approach allows for the merging of two critical systems into a single unit, facilitating stormwater management and water recycling for toilet flushing.

This integration not only conserves space but also contributes towards achieving a 5-star energy rating, reflecting a commitment to environmental sustainability and efficiency.

Integrating a detention tank into your stormwater management system

Our stormwater tanks are adaptable for both gravity-fed and siphonic drainage systems, allowing for customisation to meet your site’s requirements. They can be equipped with high-flow outlets, staged outputs, and large-diameter overflows to ensure optimal performance tailored to your specifications.

This flexibility ensures a seamless addition to your existing infrastructure, streamlining water management processes.

A solution tailored for your specifications

To get a tailored solution and quote, simply send us your specifications. From there we will do the calculations and provide you with a solution ready for your hydraulic engineer’s review and approval.

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