Solar pumps and inverters

Reliable water supply using sustainable energy

The ideal pump solution for rural or remote areas

Whether it be stock watering, irrigation or agricultural water supply, there are a number of instances where you need an off-grid water pumping system. This is where the Grundos ranges of solar pumping solutions provide the ideal solution.

Solar pump solutions provide several advantages including

Easy Installation

Able to be tailored to almost any location and application, the plug-and-go nature of solar pumps enable a simpler solution in some of the most difficult environments.

Virtually maintenance free

With in-built protective features, down-time and maintenance costs are greatly reduced.

Long term, cost-efficient pumping

With a long life cycle and no ongoing running costs, when compared to diesel powered pumps, solar pumps provide compelling long-term savings… even if the initial cost is higher.

Grundfos Solar Pumps


Solar powered surface mount pump



Solar powered submersible pump


Solar powered submersible pump for floating applications
(ideal for drawing water from dams, etc)

Solar Inverter

Renewable Solar Inverter (RSI)

RSI is an off-grid solar inverter to expand the solar pumping systems family. RSI works with submersible, multistage and single stage pumps.

The RSI online training is divided into two tracks: RSI level 100 covers the basics in RSI, while RSI level 200 covers installation, troubleshooting etc.


Want help selecting the right pumps and inverters?

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