Rural water tanks

Maintenance-free water storage solutions for your property

Rainwater Tanks

Store and harvest rainwater with our wide range of tank solutions.

Bushfire Tanks

Protect your property in bushfire zones with a galvanised lined tank for ultimate tank integrity.

Galvanised tank shell

Superior anti-corrosion protection

Galvanised tank shells are ideal for maintenance-free water storage due to their lightweight steel construction and heavy-duty galvanising to prevent corrosion.

The lightweight, thin-gauge steel panels provide all the necessary strength without adding extra weight or cost.
The steel panels are bolted together thanks to the modular design, which allows easy onsite assembly, handling, and freight.

All tank panels are coated with a thick layer of galvanised metal that weighs three times as much as a conventional zinc-aluminium alloy coating, providing outstanding corrosion resistance and durability.

As all panels are locally manufactured by Aquamate, we also have the option to customise tank shells for special projects and replace old tank panels if needed.

On all Aquamate water tanks

Polyolefin tank liner

With 20 year no-leaks warranty

Made in Australia from a specially blended polymer, polyolefin, our liners can be made in a single piece up to 4,000kg, reducing defects and simplifying the installation process.

Polyolefin is flexible, stretchable and fatigue resistant, enabling Aquamate to back them with a 20 year “Zero Leaks” warranty.


Included Features


Inlet, Outlet & Overflow Fittings


Moisture Barrier


Access Hatch & Ladder

Optional add-ons for your rainwater tank

Rain Harvesting Gutter System


Mechanical Level Gauge


Premium Colour Options


Geotextile Underlay


Dust & Vermin Protection


Decorative Fascia

Standard tank sizes

Tank Description Model Diameter (mm) Height (mm)
23900 Litres AM3G052 3700 3700
34400 Litres AM3G076 4500 2200
46800 Litres AM3G103 5200 2200
61100 Litres AM3G134 5900 2200
77300 Litres AM3G170 6700 2200
115500 Litres AM3G254 8200 2200
137400 Litres AM3G302 8900 2200
161300 Litres AM3G355 9700 2200
187100 Litres AM3G411 10400 2200
214700 Litres AM2G472 11100 2200
244300 Litres AM3G537 11900 2200
275800 Litres AM3G607 12600 2200

Personalised service with every tank

Whatever your water storage requirements, Puraflo is available to answer your questions and tailor a solution to match your needs.

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