Round steel water tanks

Cost-effective tanks for any water storage need
round steel tanks

Get the ideal water tank for your application

When you have the space to work with, a round water tank will give you the most storage capacity per dollar.

Features of our round tanks include:

Round tank inclusions

Outlets and valves

Choose from threaded, PVC or roll groove outlets from 20 to 300mm, with taps available to suit.


Options include HDPE or PVC from 50-300mm


Through the roof of the tank with a mozzie proof strainer or via the side wall with a PVC spigot.

RFS / Fire Fighting Accessories

Couplings, fittings, vortex inhibitors and hydrant accessories to suit your required application.

Detention orifices

Sized to suit your detention or retention requirements.

Kits and other accessories

Mains changeover kits, tank water level indicators, float valves and first-flush devices

Tank Options

Pump kits

Solar or electric pumps


Options available to suit any application

Ideal for rural or commercial applications

Round tanks are well suited to larger properties and have a wide range of options for size, fittings and colours. Watermark approved and engineer certified, you also get the peace of mind of having a 20 year anti-corrosion warranty.

Manufactured locally to Australian standards, our round tanks are made from BlueScope Aquaplate coated steel.

If you’re needing a tank with a smaller footprint, please refer our range of slimline tanks or contact our team to discuss the best options for your requirements


Popular sizes for round steel tanks

Below are a few common sizes for our round tank range
Capacity (Litres) Height (mm) Width (mm) Depth (mm)
5000 1800 2020 2020
8000 2200 2140 2140
10000 2450 2140 2140
15000 3100 2020 2020
18500 3200 2310 2310
20000 3450 2140 2140
21500 3450 2310 2310

Colour options for your tank

Our round tanks come in the complete range of COLORBOND® colours

Your tank guarantees and certifications

20 year BlueScope Warranty
10 year workmanship warranty
5 year commercial warranty
Australian Made
Watermark Approved Certification
Bluescope Steel

Personalised service with every tank

Whatever your water storage requirements, Puraflo is available to answer your questions and tailor a solution to match your needs.

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