Bushfire protection water tanks

Steel tanks for active fire protection of your assets

Water storage to protect your property from bushfires

Particularly for areas susceptible to bushfires, it is important to ensure you have sufficient water storage on site to protect your family, home, stock and outbuildings. Due to their durability in a fire event, galvanised steel water tanks are ideal for bushfire protection, with the added benefit of maintenance-free corrosion resistance.

Using fire tanks for active bushfire protection

Fire tanks help ensure you have the critical access to the water supply needed to help protect your home in the event of a bushfire. In addition to the tank itself, Puraflo can help you design and build your active system to include the required pumps and sprinkler systems for a complete solution.

Tips for active bushfire protection

For commercial applications, with systems such as fire hydrants and automatic sprinklers, we also supply a range of AS2304 tanks, which can be viewed on our fire fighting water tanks page.

Tips for passive bushfire protection maintenance

Passive protection covers a range of areas including construction materials, building location and numerous other factors. For ongoing passive protection, these tips are also worth keeping in mind:

Why use a galvanised tank shell?

During a bushfire, fire water tanks must be able to endure a variety of heat and flame conditions. The effectiveness of your bushfire water tank can be impacted by radiant heat from an approaching fire and direct exposure to flames, as well as red-hot embers from leaf litter and those blowing during strong winds.

Poly tanks can melt, change shape, and crack as a result of the stress of storing water while also being exposed to radiant heat. As a bushfire solution they are far from ultimately effective. Just above the temperature of boiling water, polythene reaches its transition temperature, the point at which it begins to soften. Even embers can begin to blister the tank.

In contrast galvanised lined tanks retain tank integrity and effectiveness, in most bushfires, and continue to deliver water for fire fighting:

The Bushfire Cooperative Research Centre (Bushfire CRC) and Australasian Fire and Emergency Service Authorities Council (AFAC) have researched and tested poly and galvanised steel tanks in bushfire conditions. The results demonstrate that galvanised steel water storage tanks have the best chance of providing effective bushfire protection for your property during and after the fire-front.

(Source: Fire Note issue 68, November 2010)

Safely combining fire fighting and domestic water use from the same tank

There are a number of instances where combining fire protection and domestic or irrigation water use is the most cost-effective solution to manage both requirements.

To preserve the firefighting reserve water, the take-off point for domestic and irrigation use is installed above the reserve level for bushfire protection.

This ensures your firefighting capacity is always preserved, while providing the cost-saving benefits often achieved of having one large tank versus two smaller tanks.


What’s included with your rainwater tank?


Inlet, Outlet & Overflow Fittings


Moisture Barrier


Access Hatch & Ladder

Optional add-ons for your rainwater tank

Rain Harvesting Gutter System


Mechanical Level Gauge


Premium Colour Options


Geotextile Underlay


Dust & Vermin Protection


Decorative Fascia

Standard tank sizes

Tank Description Model Diameter (mm) Height (mm)
23900 Litres AM3G052 3700 3700
34400 Litres AM3G076 4500 2200
46800 Litres AM3G103 5200 2200
61100 Litres AM3G134 5900 2200
77300 Litres AM3G170 6700 2200
115500 Litres AM3G254 8200 2200
137400 Litres AM3G302 8900 2200
161300 Litres 161300 Litres 9700 2200
187100 Litres AM3G411 10400 2200
214700 Litres AM2G472 11100 2200
244300 Litres AM3G537 11900 2200
275800 Litres AM3G607 12600 2200

Colour options for your water tank

Our round tanks come in the complete range of COLORBOND® colours
*Please note that while we try to show the colours as accurately as possible, various factors such as screen settings can affect how they appear. It is recommended to check your colour against an actual product sample.

Your tank guarantees and certifications

20 year BlueScope Warranty
10 year workmanship warranty
5 year commercial warranty
Australian Made
Watermark Approved Certification
Bluescope Steel

A few of our steel tank installations

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