Aquamate® Quality Steel Water Tanks

We deliver and install across NSW

Galvanised Water Tanks

Puraflow uses Aquamate® corrugated galvanised tanks for their renowned durability and reliability. All tanks have strong polyethelene liners to maintain tank integrity, water potability and prevent interior corrosion.  Aquamate® have been manufacturing water tanks in Australia for over 30 years and their 20 year residential and 10 year commercial warranty provides peace of mind.

The tanks are constructed onsite by assembling fabricated overlapping bolted panels. This allows for easy freight and  handling. Puraflow have a professional team of installers to assemble the tanks for you.


Common Uses

Rural Water Tanks

Large water tanks from Aquamate are manufactured in Australia to suit the harsh weather conditions. They include polythene liners, heavy-duty galvanised coatings, and lightweight steel shells. The tanks ranging in capacity from 23,000 to 275,000 litres and are most appropriate for farms and other rural estates.


Rainwater Tanks

Rainwater Storage and Harvesting

Bushfire Protection Water Tank

Bushfire Protection

Common Uses

Industrial Tanks

For project-based applications, Aquamate’s modular steel tanks with high-strength polythene liners offers an affordable solution with short lead times. Aquamate’s industrial water tanks are available in a variety of sizes and configurations and Puraflow skilled technicians can quickly and safely build them onsite.

Aquamatic Fire Protection

Fire Protection Systems

Water Treatment Tank<br />

Water Treatment

Main & Storm Water Tanks

Mains & Storm Water Distribution