Aquamate® Strong Wastewater Tanks & Water Treatment

Industrial Water Tanks

Wastewater Tanks for water treatment 

Aquamate water tanks provide an effective solution for storage of raw and treated water for all applications 

Chemically Resistant Geomembrane Liners to Suit All Requirements

Chemically resistant liners that are suited for a wide variety of pH values are included as standard with Aquamate tanks for water treatment applications.
Aquamate can also produce custom liners based on your project needs for highly specialised applications such as elevated temperatures or non-water based fluids.


Custom Tanks for Water Treatment Process Requirements.

Custom accessories are also available to integrate project-specific water treatment processes with Aquamate water tanks. These include:

  • Stainless Steel and Polyethylene fittings to withstand corrosive fluids
  • Internal baffles for increased contact time
  • High flow inlets and outlets
Wastewater Tanks

Standard Tank Sizes

Aquamate Industrial Wastewater Tanks – Sizes

Tank DiameterHeight - 2.2mHeight - 2.9mHeight - 3.6mHeight - 4.3mHeight - 5.0mHeight - 5.6m

Aquamate Industrial Water Tank Standard Features

  • 0.8mm Corrugated Steel Tank Shell with Z450 Galvanised Coating
  • 0.42mm Galvalume corrugated roof sheeting
  • Flexible Polyethylene Liner. 700% elongation at break ASTM D638 2,000min HPOIT ASTM D5885
  • Designed to Loading Codes AS1170 Part 1, 2 & 4 and Steelwork Codes AS4100 & AS4600
  • 10 Year Warranty as Standard, Extended Warranty Availible
  • AS2419.1 & AS2304 compliant options for fire protection systems

Puraflow and Aquamate

Puraflow and Aquamate are working together to provide professional distribution and installation of wastewater tanks across NSW. When you order a tank from Puraflow, you get all the high-quality attention to detail and the project management that comes with an installation package. By installing Puraflow, you are secure in the knowledge that your warranty is assured.

Other Industrial Applications

Specific Water Storage Project Solutions

Aquamatic Fire Protection

Fire Protection Systems

Industrial Fire protection system water tanks

Main & Storm Water Tanks

Mains and Stormwater Detention Tanks

Tanks for water detention systems

In-House manufacturing

Quality Control and Cost Benefits

Aquamate is able to maintain and oversee the entire quality control process by manufacturing in-house and so pass on cost efficiencies to clients with competitive pricing. Aquamate manufactures the corrugated panels with automated CNC roll forming machinery, and the liners are manufactured in large pieces, weighing up to 4000kg, to reduce faults and installation times.

Aquamate Corrugated Panel Rolling

Cold-formed Steel Fabrication

Geomembrane Machine Aquamate

Geomembrane Fabrication

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