Aquamate® Strong Rural Water Tanks

Rural Water Tanks

For about 100 years, and with the general replacement of concrete water tanks, the corrugated galvanised water tank has become an iconic part of the Australian rural landscape. 

For over 35 years, Aquamate has been part of that history providing thousands of water tanks to the rural community. Using galvanised steel with a polethylene lining means tanks are better equipped for the Australian climate and provide the best anti-corrosion solution.

Today Aquamate manufacture the corrugated panels using automated CNC roll forming machinery in their factory in Adelaide. The liners are also fabricated there in single pieces up to 4000kg to minimise defects and reduce installation times.


Aquamate Corrugated Panel Rolling

Cold-formed Steel Fabrication

Geomembrane Machine Aquamate

Geomembrane Fabrication

Key Features

Aquamate Rural Water Tanks

Galvanised Tank Shell

Aquamate tank shells are ideal for storing water due to their lightweight steel construction and heavy-duty galvanising. The lightweight, thin-gauge steel panels provide all the necessary strength without adding extra weight or cost.

All tank panels are coated with a thick layer of galvanised metal that weighs three times as much as a conventional zinc-aluminium alloy coating. This and Aquamate’s polymer lining provide outstanding corrosion resistance and durability.

The steel panels are bolted together thanks to the modular design, which allows easy onsite assembly, handling, and freight.

Aquamate rolls their own water tank panels from heavy duty galvanised steel coil at their Adelaide production facility. This enables complete control of the quality and finish of products, as well as providing competitive pricing to customers. These in-house capabilities also mean the company can customise water tank shells for special projects and replace old tank panels.

Flexible Polyolefin Tank Liner

All of Aquamate’s tank liners are made of a specifically blended polymer, polyolefin, that is flexible, stretchable, fatigue-resistant, and flexible—all qualities you need for a water tank. The quality of the tank liners means Aquamate can provide a  manufacturer’s 20-year no-leaks warranty.

Aquamate has the unique capability to fabricate single piece liners up to 4,000kg. The large panels improve defect rates, minimise seems and decrease installation times. The liners are manufactured at the Aquamate factory and is means the company can offer their “Zero Leaks” 20 year warranty.


Rural Water Tanks

Rural Water Tanks – Typical Uses

Water Storage and Rain Water Harvesting Tanks

Solutions for rainwater storage and collection. Rainsaver system allows you to collect rainwmater from the tank roof run-off as a supplement to your other rain collection sources.

Bush Fire Protection Water Tanks

Protect your property in bushfire zones with a galvanised lined tank for ultimate tank integrity. Dual use tanks can provide a reserve fire fighting volume and a volume for daily general use.

Puraflow and Aquamate

Puraflow and Aquamate are working together to provide professional distribution and installation of rural water tanks across NSW. When you order a tank from Puraflow, you get all the high-quality attention to detail and the project management that comes with an installation package. By installing Puraflow, you are secure in the knowledge that your warranty is assured.

All the included features

What’s comes with a Rural Water Tank

Aquamate Tank Inlet Outlet Fitting

Inlet, Outlet & Overflow fittings

As standard, all large water tanks include a 50mm outlet with brass ball valve, a 90mm overflow with mosquito screening, and a 400mm diameter inlet basket with light guard.

Moisture Barrier

Each tank is protected from rising damp by a polyethylene moisture barrier and is intended to last the life of the tank.

Access Hatch & Ladder

Each water tank includes a lockable steel manhole in the roof as well as a removable hot dip galvanised ladder for access.

Optional add-ons

Our extra features

Aquamate Tank Inlet Outlet Fitting

Rain Harvesting Gutter System

Special “RainSaver” caps placed near the end of each corrugation to collect the majority of water running off the roof.

Mechanical Level Gauge

Accurate tank water level at a glance with the pully system Levelator.

aquamate colorbond colours<br />

Colour Options

A variety of colours are available, including standard and premium options to complement your home or surroundings.

Aquamate Tank Inlet Outlet Fitting

Geotextile Underlay

Add extra protection to the tank liner from sharp rocks or stones with a geotextile underlay.

Dust & Vermin Protection

A special foam strip that prevents dust & vermin gaining access to the tank. Positioned between the roofing iron and the top of the tank wall.

aquamate colorbond colours<br />

Decorative Facia

A facia fitted around the perimeter of the tank roof and vertical bolt facia options to enhancing tank appearance.

Standard Tank Sizes

Aquamate Rural Water Tank Sizes

VolumeModelDiameter (mm)Height (mm)
23900 LitresAM3G05237002200
34400 LitresAM3G07645002200
46800 LitresAM3G10352002200
61100 LitresAM3G13459002200
77300 LitresAM3G17067002200
95500 LitresAM3G21074002200
115500 LitresAM3G25482002200
137400 LitresAM3G30289002200
161300 LitresAM3G35597002200
187100 LitresAM3G411104002200
214700 LitresAM2G472111002200
244300 LitresAM3G537119002200
275800 LitresAM3G607126002200

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Standard Inclusions

The following are included with all Aquamate Tanks as standard and at no additional cost.

  • 50mm Outlet & Valve
  • 90mm Overflow on tanks up to 120,000 Litres & 2 x 90mm Overflows on tanks over 120,000 Litres
  • 400mm Inlet Leaf Strainer & Light Guard
  • 500mm Access Hatch in the Roof with Removable Light Duty Access Ladder