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Fire Water Tanks

Fire Fighting Bushfire Water Tanks

For effective bushfire protection, you need a passive plan implemented and active systems in place. Being ready includes having a bush plan in operation in case of an emergency, organising and maintaining your property properly to lower the risks and fire load, and having enough water storage on hand. Galvanised steel water storage tanks from Aquamate are perfect for protecting outbuildings and residences in bushfire-prone locations.

The strength of the galvanised steel panels and the durability and flexibility of the polyethylene lining provide a long lasting water tank with the best corrosion resistance.

Key Features

Aquamate Water Tanks for Bushfire Protection

Why use a Galvanised Tank Shell

During a bushfire, fire water tanks must be able to endure a variety of heat and flame conditions. The effectiveness of your bushfire water tank can be impacted by radiant heat from an approaching fire and direct exposure to flames, as well as red-hot embers from leaf litter and those blowing during strong winds.

Poly tanks can melt, change shape, and crack as a result of the stress of storing water while also being exposed to radiant heat. As a bushfire soultion they are far from ultimately effective. Just above the temperature of boiling water, polythene reaches its transition temperature, the point at which it begins to soften. Even embers can begin to blister the tank.

In contrast galvanised lined tanks retain tank integrity and effectiveness, in most bushfires, and continue to deliver water for fire fighting:

  • The liner in tanks made by Aquamate are still functional even after being subjected to direct flame. The exposed liner material above the water line will melt when exposed to direct flame, but because the liner material floats, the galvanised tank can continue to keep the majority of its water and maintain fire fighting efforts.
  • The water and liner are shielded from embers that may blow in during strong winds by the galvanised steel tank’s shell and roof.
  • The galvanised tank’s water works as a massive heat sink when exposed to radiant heat, dissipating the heat and protecting the liner from harm.

The Bushfire and Natural Hazards CRC  and CSIRO has researched and tested Poly and Galvanised Steel Tanks in Bushfire conditions and the results show that galvanised steel water storage tanks have the best chance of providing effective bushfire protection for your property during and after the fire-front.

Aquamate Tank Inlet Outlet Fitting

Dual Use Tanks

Fire Fighting and Domestic Use Water Tanks

You can have a dual use tank system. The bottom section can be a reserve volume for fire fighting, and the top volume for normal domestic use. You can have peace of mind knowing that your domestic usage will not impact the reserve volume you have set aside for bushfire protection.

With the domestic outlet set above the firefighting reserve level, the water reserved for firefighting is always maintained. For more information about dual tanks and how to determine the right volumes, contact the Puraflow team for free advice.

Aquamate also have commercial tanks for fire protection suitable for use in automatic sprinkler systems and fire hydrant systems.

All the included features

What’s comes with a Fire Water Tank

Aquamate Tank Inlet Outlet Fitting

Inlet, Outlet & Overflow fittings

Moisture Barrier

Access Hatch & Ladder

Optional add-ons

Bushfire Water Tanks extra features

Aquamate Tank Inlet Outlet Fitting

Rainsaver Gutter System

Water Level Gauge

aquamate colorbond colours<br />

Colour Options

Aquamate Tank Inlet Outlet Fitting

Geotextile Underlay Protection

Dust & Vermin Protection

aquamate colorbond colours<br />

Decorative Facia

Puraflow and Aquamate

Puraflow and Aquamate are working together to provide professional distribution and installation of Bushfire Water Tanks across NSW. When you order a tank from Puraflow, you get all the high-quality attention to detail and the project management that comes with an installation package. By installing Puraflow, you are secure in the knowledge that your warranty is assured.

Standard Tank Sizes

Aquamate Bushfire Water Tanks Sizes

VolumeModelDiameter (mm)Height (mm)
23900 LitresAM3G05237002200
34400 LitresAM3G07645002200
46800 LitresAM3G10352002200
61100 LitresAM3G13459002200
77300 LitresAM3G17067002200
95500 LitresAM3G21074002200
115500 LitresAM3G25482002200
137400 LitresAM3G30289002200
161300 LitresAM3G35597002200
187100 LitresAM3G411104002200
214700 LitresAM2G472111002200
244300 LitresAM3G537119002200
275800 LitresAM3G607126002200

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Standard Inclusions

The following are included with all Aquamate Tanks as standard and at no additional cost.

  • 50mm Outlet & Valve
  • 90mm Overflow on tanks up to 120,000 Litres & 2 x 90mm Overflows on tanks over 120,000 Litres
  • 400mm Inlet Leaf Strainer & Light Guard
  • 500mm Access Hatch in the Roof with Removable Light Duty Access Ladder